And it's a great place to work!

The Wildman’s Experience
Working at Wildman’s in Cooper Landing, AK is:
  • Exciting
  • Gratifying
  • Fascinating
  • Fun
  • Adventurous
You will meet people from all over the country and the world.

You will meet locals that have lived in Cooper Landing and the vicinity for most of their lives with fascinating stories.

You could play in a softball tournament in June where the games last until 11 PM with NO lights.

There are many festivals in the area that include Summer Solstice, Kenai River Festival, Salmon Cook-off and the Alaska State Fair.

  • You need things to do? How about:
  • Great salmon fishing
  • Kayaking
  • Rafting
  • Hiking
  • Float trips
  • Horseback riding

Go take a look at a few of the reasons to check us out:
Our Photo Gallery
Our Video Gallery
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Oh - the work.
Because Cooper Landing so remote, we have to provide an array of products and services. As our web site describes, we offer:
Grocery Products
Prepared foods
In-store prepared foods
A dining/communal area for eating, talking, WiFi access and 32 wall outlet for smartphone and laptop charging
Soft drinks
Ice Cream (the best) and ice cream drinks
Beer, wine and liquor
and more…

As a local meeting place, a visitor’s oasis and a traveller’s rest stop, our staff has a steady stream of guests to keep us occupied. Whether it’s making sandwiches, scooping ice cream, making espresso or preparing breakfasts, our well-oiled teams are pleasantly serving our interesting and fun customers.

So if this sounds like the place for you, please take the next step and click on one of the links below and complete a Wildman’s Job Application. We would love to talk with you.

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